Play Yume Nikki Fangames in browser!

Thanks to the power of EasyRPG Player, all the fangames that has been made in RPG Maker 2000/2003 are now can be played in browser. Here are the links to all fangames available:

(O_O) .B.P .ExE .flow [COLD] 【Narcolepsy】 12am Acatalepsy Akashi Akuma Amillusion Anamorphosis Anarchy Answered Prayers Online Art de Reve Art de Reve (Sisters Dream) Asleep August 31 Bittersweet Dream Black Astral Blooms BRAINGIRL Brain Rot Excellence Broken Bottles Caged Calling of my Nightingales CandyRain Cats in Hell Chains of Memory Circuitdream.exe Conexus Corallo Corrupted Cranberry Dream Cyclothymic Daughter DayDream Debris Deep Dreams Deep Fried Nikki De I Cide Deja vu Device Dialogue Di^ine Distress D.O.W.N DreaMarbleng Dream Book DreamDayKi Dream Genie Dreaming Bad Dream Journey Dream of Life DreamRecords Dreamscaper Dream Syndrome Dream Wires DRY Egnaro Electron Handsome Boy Elysium City Emo Neccky E Nikki Ephemreal Eret Link Espacio Everlong Swansong Ex.Emi Expiate Fleshchild FLUX FOG Fractured Dreams Friendly Genseki Wakusei Genso Nikki Gnosis Hallucigenia Hana no Chiruramu Hell Diary Hermeticism Hide&Seek Higurashiki Hope Idtipsa If If Nil then Ignite Immersit In Hazy Clouds INSULTED ISO IterItineris Journal Nikki JourNEY REcord June Exhibit Kage, Souzou, In Kind Heart Kou Kudaranu Mousou No Kyomu Kyukkyu-kun Game Lcd Dem Leviathan Limbo Log.[in] Lonely Ls Lull Away Madoro-Mu Magpie Dreams MANONIKKI May Me Me・llow Melodia Mendum Memoria Mesonoxian Mewn Mikan Muzou Mimi Missing Memories Mixtape Mizu Mong Jung Mong MoonCradle MoonLess_L Moonlight Moonlit Lobby Motel Snooze Mugamuchuu Muma Rope Musuu Muyuu Nana Nigella Nijuu Yuumu No Outlet NostAlgic NOubliez Jamais Older One-WAY Oversomnia Parade Permafrost Psyder Rain And Red Roses re;fleXion Re;in Remedy Remegeton Remember To Remember Repentance RepresaL Returning Nightmares Reverse Dream Re;Vessel Rooftop Ryokou-chuu Safety Safety - Life Is A Maze Saigo no Uta Scary Nikki Sewage ShamaL She Awaits Shirushi Sick Mind Single Line Someday Someday (Evergreen Edition) Someday (HALF-Day) Somnium soto nemuri Soul Song Strange Memo Sunlit Take the Veil The Better Place The Door of Thoughts The Foxglove Catcher The Jhonson Parable The Looking Glass TheOtherLine Threshold TimeTraveler Tsukumono Yume UBOK Ultra Violet Umbra Unduhagge Uneven Dream Unknown Exist Untitled One Usagi V.D.O Wait for Daylight Wishful Thinking Withers Witoru Neta Dream Yasumeru You Bound You May You&me YOU REALM Yume 2kki Yume Aruki Yume Doodle Yume Dreamer Yume Fumi Yume Graffiti Yume Iro Yume Kayoi Yume Memochou Yume Nichiroku Yume Niggy Yume Nikki Hazard Yume Nikki Modified Yume Nikki Solitude Yume Nikki ver.1.00 Yume Nisshi Yume no Kirby Yume no Mata Yume Yume Noroi Yume Nyaki Yume Petto YumeSD Yume Shikki Yume Shoko Yume Shosen Mousou Yume Tsuduri Yume Utsutsu Yume wa Maeyono Yume Wo Yume wo Mita Yuque